Established in 1986, the Bagdad Village Preservation Association, Inc. (BVPA) is a 501C3 non-profit organization licensed under the State of Florida. Our mission is preservation, education and furtherance of historic, cultural and community affairs. We currently own, maintain and manage three historic structures: Bagdad Village Museum, cir. 1880, Milligan House cir. 1910 for offices and the Old Bagdad Post Office cir. 1900. We are an established avenue for friends, residences and concerned citizens to preserve Bagdad’s history and future. The board of directors proclaim it is imperative to preserve the Bagdad narrative.

Michael Johnson, President
Robyn Baker, 1st Vice President
Mary Krebs, 2nd Vice President
Elaine Willis, Treasurer
Gloria Cook, Secretary
Dr. Richard Lewis, Museum Committee Chair
Patrick Nooner, Civil War Committee Chair
Sue Woodson, Administrative Assistant
Michael McNair, Museum Complex Management
Patricia Malone, Newsletter Publishing
Gary Kennedy, Audio Media Publishing
Dr. & Mrs. Charles D’Asaro, Media Releases
Christina Drain, Website Management

Office location: 4516 Church Street, Bagdad
Museum location: 4512 Church Street, Bagdad

Mailing address: PO Box 565, Bagdad, Florida 32530
Office phone: (850) 983-3005